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Misters allow everyone to enjoy the patio or lawn and garden areas when it's excessively hot outside. Patio Discounts furniture offers the highest quality cooling fans that will transform your outdoor living areas into a soothing oasis, while blending in with the rest of the outdoor decor. Our outdoor cooling systems are sure to allow friends and family to indulge in an evaporative cooling environment with misting fans that create a pleasant, endless summer.

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When ultra fine droplets of mist are set into the atmosphere, they quickly absorb the energy, or heat, in the environment and evaporate. This causes an evaporative cooling environment from an innovative product that is always reliable, easy to install, inexpensive to maintain and easy to use for all of our valued customers.

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We specialize in offering the very best lawn and garden products, along with unique outdoor decor. Our goal is to enhance your outdoor living environment for entertaining or relaxing occasions, and a cooler setting will make your endless summer days and nights more enjoyable. Therefore, we offer these top of the line misters, as well as:

Patio Discounts' vast experience with professionally designed cooling systems is confirmed by decades of satisfied customers. Our lawn and garden products and outdoor decor work to improve your outdoor living experiences. Indeed, these misting fans produce an unparalleled endless summer retreat into a comfortable evaporative cooling atmosphere in your yard or patio. Experience the comfort of the misters and cooling fans offered at Patio Discounts today!