Fire Pits

What is a great way to warm up your outdoor space on cold winter nights?  How about a fire pit?

There are many different styles of fire pits to fit every budget. They can burn wood, use liquid propane, or use natural gas. Determining the desired fuel will help you narrow down the selection of fire pits to choose from.


With wood burning fire pits you can choose to buy a pre-fabricated free standing metal fire pit, a free standing stone or brick fire pit, or construct your own in ground permanent fire pit. Two things to consider when choosing a wood burning fire pit are the cost of wood to burn and the hassle of cleaning out the ashes between uses.


There are 2 kinds of gas fueled fire pits available. Liquid propane (LP) and Natural Gas. Both have advantages, with LP you do not need a permanent gas line run to provide the fire pit with fuel. You purchase the appropriately sized tank for your fire pit and hook it up. That’s it. However, you do have to refill the tank when it runs out (which it is sure do you just as you get all the kids around the fire with their marshmallow roasting sticks in hand). With Natural Gas, there is no refilling any tanks, but you do have the added initial expense of a new gas line to run to the fire pit’s location. Also, once the line is run, the fire pit’s location will need to be permanent. Unlike using a free standing fire pit that uses a tank that can be relocated at any time. Another benefit of either of the gas fueled fire pits is that there is no clean-up between. You also have many options to choose from as far as the decorative material that goes into the burn area. Gas fueled fire pits have colored glass, rocks, and artificial fire place logs as options.

Not sure which type of fire pit you need? Want to build your own but need the correct components for the type you want? Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan and create the perfect fire pit for your space.

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New! The First Heating and Cooling Sensation!

We are so excited for the new innovative heaters that will be joining our line-up of Wall/ Overhead Mounted Heaters.

perfectclime logo
The first heating and cooling concept that combines infrared short-wave technology AND misting in one unit. Instant comfortable heat or refreshing cooling: perfect comfort anytime.
This unit is, space and energy saving, emission free, sound and odorless, with a high quality design constructed from weather proof aluminum.

misting and heating element

misting element sqitchWith the Schwank PERFECTCLIME, instant heating is guaranteed.
The integrated mist nozzle creates a fine mist.
A comfortable environment is created for you, your guests or customers.

We anticipate these great new heaters being available in less than a month, so check back for availability of contact us and we will help you get your order started!

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Prolonging the life of you BBQ Grill

Your BBQ Grill is no small investment, completing these few steps at home can help you protect your purchase. General ongoing cleaning and maintenance go a long way to helping your grill perform better, last longer and be more fuel-efficient. But the best reason for diligent upkeep is that your food will actually taste better.

Here are some tips for cleaning each major area of the grill, but be sure to consult your owner’s manual before you begin.

Cooking grids

Each time before you grill, burn off anygrease or food by running the grill on high for at least 5 minutes, then scraping the cooking grid with a brush. Use a brass bristle brush on porcelain-coated grilling grids and a steel brush on stainless steel grids. If there is excessive grease, you can soak grids in hot, soapy water to clean them.  If cooking grids are severely rusted or broken, they should be replaced. (Please note that cast iron cooking grids require totally different cleaning and maintenance methods. It’s best to refer to your er’s manual.)

Grease catch pan

Change or clean out the grease collector periodically to ward off insects and animals.

Lava rock or ceramic briquettes

These items rarely need cleaning, as grease is continually burned off during cooking. If they are particularly grungy, they can be scrubbed with a wire brush. Lava rock and ceramic briquettes should be replaced every few years.

Vaporization or flavor bars

Some grills use stainless steel or porcelainized bars above the burners instead of lava rock or ceramic briquettes. Any residue can be burned off by setting the grill on high for 10 or 15 minutes and then scraping with a grill brush.


A clean burner ensures greater fuel efficiency and even temperatures across the cooking surface with no hot or cold spots. Check burners annually for excessive rust, holes or burned-out or clogged ports. A burner can be cleaned with a wire brush, but if it’s badly rusted or has holes, replace it.

Flame from a clean burner                                                               Flame from a clogged burner

Venturi tube

The Venturi tube is easily clogged, blocking gas flow so the burner won’t light. (Even a spider web can clog it.) Clean with a thin, flexible spider brush or a pipe cleaner.

Grill exterior

Different finishes require different care.

• Powder-coat painted grills. These can be washed with warm sudsy water to brighten their appearance.  A light coating of cooking oil will help restore the grill’s color. If it is very oxidized (whitened), it can be repainted. First, sand or scrub the exterior with steel wool, then rinse, making sure no grease remains or the paint will not adhere. When dry, apply two or three light coats of grill paint. The paint will bake on during use.

• Porcelain-enamel finishes. This type of finish should not be waxed or repainted. Cleaning with warm soapy water should be all that’s needed to restore the shiny finish.  Small paint chips are best left alone, but some manufacturers offer special porcelainized touch-up paint to prevent rust from forming. Check with your barbeque retailer or the grill’s manufacturer.

• Stainless steel. The beauty of stainless steel is that it will never rust, chip or oxidize. It does, however, need some elbow grease to keep it looking good. Be sure to wipe up spills of barbeque sauce or marinade immediately to prevent staining. Then polish with a stainless steel cleaner periodically.

Legs, wheels, cart base

Periodically examine the grill cart, legs and wheels to make sure they are still sturdy and stable. Check screws and fastenings; cart frames, legs and wheels should be attached securely. Likewise, the grill body and cart should be free of excessive rust. If the grill body has burned-out holes in it or is wobbly or seems unstable in any way, do not risk using it; it’s time to go grill shopping.

LP tanks

Check all tank and line connections to be sure there are no leaks.  To test, first make sure the grill is turned off and is cool, and then pour soapy water over the connectors. Next, open the tank’s gas valve; bubbles appear when a leak is detected. Tighten the connectors and retest until no bubbles appear. Also, the tank should be free of excessive rust and dents.

Remember, whether you repair or replace, a clean and properly maintained grill is the secret to great tasting barbequed food! If you decided to replace your grill take a look at our selection here

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COMING SOON!  The AIR CHAIR!  Instant relaxation! The Airchair is very comfortable! The seating area is constructed in such a way that when you are seated, the chair gives you a complete support feel. The Perfect addition to any patio or outside setting!

Be sure to check back with us soon to find out more!

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Patio Discounts

Welcome to !  Be sure to take a look at our selection of patio heaters, as the cold season is fast approaching.  Feel free to call us for help in deciding which model best suits your needs. 800-549-5077


Also be sure to check back with us soon as there are a number of new products on the horizon!  See you soon!

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