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What Distance Can Your Misting Systems Mist Up To?

Our Rancho Mirage misting systems can mist up 30 feet. Patio misting systems from Patio Discounts are an effective outdoor cooling solution. The ability of our Rancho Mirage misting fans to cover such large distances means you can entertain family and friends no matter how warm the weather. Our misting kits come with complete parts and supplies and are available at discounted prices. Learn more about our high pressure patio misting fans.

Cool large patio areas of up to 30 feet by installing our Rancho Mirage misting systems.  Our inventory of patio accessories includes:

Our Rancho Mirage misting fans make outdoor cooling easy.  Discover our high pressure systems for yourself.

Outdoor cooling is easy with Patio Discount's Rancho Mirage misting systems.  Our high pressure patio misting systems can cool distances of up to 30 feet.  We also offer do it yourself patio misting fans and systems. Entertain in comfort with our Rancho Mirage misting fans.

Patio Discount's Rancho Mirage misting systems are built to cool your entire patio.  We offer patio misting systems that mist areas of up to 30 feet, allowing family and friends to spread out and still enjoy a cool comfortable environment.  Inexpensive and easy to use, our Rancho Mirage misting fans are the antidote to the hot summer months.

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