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Tiki Torches and Flares

Few backyard fire-based lighting options make as enjoyable a decorative addition to a backyard, garden, or patio as tiki torches and flares do. At Patio Discounts, we're proud to offer a number of tiki torches and flares that always bring a touch of fun to the proceedings. Light up the night, bring a festive glow to your backyard, and add the feel of a party every time you spend time in your backyard.

Outdoor Lp Gas Lamp Outdoor Lp Gas Lamp Sku: #BlueRhino GTL7179SP
Outdoor Lp Gas Lamp Outdoor Lp Gas Lamp

Outdoor Lp Gas Lamp$149

Lpg Gas Lamp Patio Lantern Lpg Gas Lamp Patio Lantern Sku: #CMCPF-HBW
Lpg Gas Lamp Patio Lantern Lpg Gas Lamp Patio Lantern

Lpg Gas Lamp Patio Lantern$289

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Choose from the many tiki torches and flares available online through our online store with features that include:

Our inventory houses a number of great options including stainless steel patio torches, LPG gas lamp patio lanterns, outdoor LP gas lamps, LPG patio flares with weather wicker tank covers, and more. Choose from a variety of finishes including black powder coated steel, bronze steel, and an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and brighten your outdoor social events with the ultimate outdoor centerpiece.