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Electric Waterfalls // Indoor Waterfall // Outdoor Garden

Free standing see through waterfalls offer a unique and relaxing way to add ambience and style to any room our outdoor garden.  Add sound and beauty to your living space a free standing waterfall from Napoleon.  Spanning a height of 8 feet and beautifully designed featuring raised, contoured, see through glass, these amazing pieces can only be classified as true works of art.

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Nothing soothes the soul quite like the sound of running water, and when it emanates from an equally soothing piece of art the overall effect is as relaxing as it is beautiful.  Our free standing Napoleon waterfalls are built from commercial stainless steel for durability and years of use, and come standard with beautiful black decorative rocks. 

In addition, your waterfall comes standard with an Aqua Genius high output submersible pump, as well as a filter screen to help remove particles that enter the water.  Meanwhile an adjustable water flow valve allows you the user to personalize things by creating your desired waterfall effect.  And because our waterfalls naturally attract airborne particles and humidify the air indoors, the air you’re breathing inside will actually be cleaner and healthier for you and yours.

When choose your free standing see through waterfall from Patio Discounts, you’ll instantly discover how user friendly they are.  From an easily refillable water reservoir and cords that plug into standard electrical outlets to remote controls and more, each of these systems makes its charms readily available to everyone.

Few decorative pieces can instantly change an indoor or outdoor space for the better quite like a free standing waterfall.  Bring beauty and grace to your surroundings and fill your eyes and ears with the soothing sight and sound of cascading water, and do it in style.